Got a Cake … what’s next?

This question is very often bothering people who pick up ordered cake for the first time. They are afraid to handle it properly.

I would like to provide you with some useful and quite important information in this matter. Following them will ensure cakes like other confectionery products will stay fresh longer. So let’s get started.

How to transport the cake properly

After picking up the cake, it is best to transport it on a flat, leveled surface. The boot or floor behind the seat is perfect. It is also good to limit the possibility of accidental displacement of the box, e.g. by blocking it with other things. We should avoid carrying the box on the seats – they are inclined. So when driving vibrations may cause the cake slide off the foundation and as a result get damaged. We also should remain calm while driving, and try to drive smoothly. Breaking suddenly or taking corners too fast may also damage the cake.

Transporting the cake by bicycle or trolley may result in damage. We only make cakes from natural ingredients and they are much more delicate than their counterparts made of dubious quality confectionery mixes.

Will the cake last 2 days?

Cake and sweets should be stored in the fridge at 3-6 degrees C (cooling temperature). It’s best to put it in the fridge in the original packaging it was transported with. This will protect cakes from absorbing other scents from the fridge. For sanitary reasons, it is recommended to avoid keeping the cake without a box in the vicinity of eggs and raw meat. Let’s also avoid freezing the cake. So the freezer and balcony in the winter time is a no go.

Serve cakes chilled, not frozen

It doesn’t matter if it’s a wedding cake or either a baptism one or a birthday cake for a beloved person. We should always follow these two simple rules:

Cream cakes should be removed about 30 minutes before serving so that the covering of the cake heats up and becomes more plastic. Thanks to this simple action, it will be easier to cut.

For cakes covered with fondant (sugar mass), we cut the cake immediately after taking it out from the fridge.

So, the cake is prepared … let’s have it portioned

Everyone have its own way to cut the cake into portions. I will try to give you my tested way. Always cut the cake with a sharp knife (do not use toothed knife). Each time we immerse it in hot water and wipe it with e.g. a paper towel. We start cutting with the tip of a knife from the center of the cake, then lightly pressing with the whole blade, we slide gently back and forth, literally sawing the cake until we reach the foundation. We put the cutted piece on a plate with another knife or serving spatula. Do not use spatula to cut the cake! We repeat all the above until the whole cake disappears from the table;)

Wedding cakes – nicely cut

For large diameter cakes, such as wedding, baptism or communion cakes, you should first cut out the circle in the center of the cake and then cut the cake around it. After finishing portioning the outer circle cut the inner one as if it was a separate cake.

For bunk cakes, there is a support and base under each floor. Straws, special plastic tubes or bamboo sticks are usually used as the support. The base should be removed when the upper floor is already portioned. If possible, remove the support before cutting the floor. All the cut pieces of the cake will be shaped if you follow that rule.

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